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Important Info

Using Your Meal Card

Your Bentley University ID Card can be your ticket to the many outlets on campus. With the purchase of a meal plan and/or Falcon Funds, simply present it when you visit for meals in Seasons Dining Hall. Each time, one meal/entry from your plan is subtracted from your balance. Any unused meals from your plan are not transferable. Please treat your Bentley Student ID (meal plan card) as a credit card. DO NOT lend it to anyone or borrow one from someone else. Fraudulent lending of your ID card will result in your ID being confiscated and sent to Residential Life for further action.

Falcon Funds

Opening a Falcon fund Account is a fast, safe and convenient method of managing campus life. The debit card system is a unique money management tool activated through your ID card. Instead of carrying cash, all you have to do is present your Bentley ID and your purchases will automatically be deducted from your personal Falcon Fund Account. Falcon Funds may be used on campus at the Bookstore, Student Information Desk and Campus Dining. Falcon Funds may be added to your card at the card office located at Campus Police.

Special Diets

Do you have particular dietary needs?  Please let us know!  Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements.  For more information, please contact us at (781) 891-2191.

Things To Remember

  • Meals and Discretionary Dollars are not transferable semester to semester
  • Meals and Discretionary Dollars cannot be assigned to others
  • Meal Plan Discretionary Dollars may be used to purchase food only at Campus Dining Outlets on campus (except Dunkin Donuts).
  • Unused Meals may not be turned in for reimbursement
  • Falcon Fund discounts are for food purchases only at Campus Dining Outlets.
  • Discretionary Dollars may not used at Dunkin Donuts.

About Your Dining Meal Plan

When choosing a meal plan, think carefully about each selection available to you before making your decision. Consider your daily routine and ask yourself the following questions:

  • For which meal plan am I eligible?
  • Will I often miss breakfast because of morning classes or sleeping in?
  • Will I sometimes miss dinner due to employment off campus, practice or evening classes?
  • Will studying, extra curricular activities or my social schedule allow me time to eat only a certain number of meals each week / semester?
  • Do I prefer the flexibility provided by Discretionary Dollars for my food purchases?

Anticipate the answers to these questions and others concerning your time spent on campus to select a meal plan that best suits your lifestyle.

Please note - All meal plans are selected and purchased through the Office of Resident Life as part of your Residence Hall, Apartment, Townhouse and Food Service Agreement. Any changes in meal plan eligibility requirements must be approved by Residence Life. Their office extension is 2148.

Super Value Meal Plan

This plan provides unlimited access to Seasons Dining
Hall: Enjoy as much as you can eat or as little you want
as many times as you want in Seasons Dining Hall. In
addition the plan provides $350 Discretionary Dollars. All
Super Value Meal Plan participants also receive a 20%
discount on Falcon Fund food purchases.

Value 17 Meal Plan

This plan provides 17 entries to Seasons Dining Hall per week. In addition the plan provides $325 Discretionary Dollars.

Value 15 Meal Plan

This plan provides 15 entries to Seasons Dining Hall per week. In addition the plan provides $375 Discretionary Dollars.

Value 10 Meal Plan

This plan provides 10 entries to Seasons Dining Hall per week. In addition the plan provides $425 Discretionary Dollars.

Note: Unused meals cannot be carried over from week to week. The meal plans re-set after the last meal on Sunday, with a new weeks block of meals available beginning with breakfast on Monday morning.

Students in Apartments & Commuters

We offer a unique plan with you in mind. For those that prefer the value & convenience of a eating on campus, we have the:

Block 60 Meal Plan

This plan provides 60 entries to Seasons Dining Hall per semester (to be used whenever you like). In addition the plan provides $375 Discretionary Dollars.

Your dining experience is more than great food...